Hubris Orchid

aka Sir Burch Hoid, town mage of Busselton


The Mage Hubris Orchid 7th level Alignment Chaotic Neutral HP – 24 AC – 10 (Str – 10, Int -16, Wis – 11, Dex – 13, Con – 14, Chr – 11) Spells – (6,5,2,1) Traveling Spellbook (1) Light, Burning Hands, Feather Fall, Magic Missile, Message, Sleep, Read Magic, Detect Magic, (2) Invisibility, Knock, Mirror Image, Continual Light, (3) Phantasmal Force, Protection from normal missiles, Flame Arrow, Fly, Fireball (4) Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Dimension Door, Enchanted Weapon, Plant Growth. Exp. Value – 1,065
Magic Items – Scroll (Protection from Lycanthropes) 1,000 xp,
Robe of Useful Items (Special) 2,500 xp Visible Patches – Mirror, Large Sack, Potion of Extra Healing, Bag of 100 gp, Pit 10’ cubic feet, Pair of War Dogs, 10 – 100 gp Pearls, 12’ long rowboat,
Blank Patches (1)Vial of salt. Cost: 1 cp. You can throw a vial of salt as a splash weapon. Salt is used to season food, and also to deter snails, slug or leeches,
(2) Herbal Mask. Cost: 25 gp. A herbal mask is a pouch containing various herbs that is worn over the nose and mouth. A person wearing such a mask is unable to speak, so cannot cast spells with verbal components. For up to 24 hours, the wearer gains a +4 bonus to saves against inhaled poisons, After this period, the mask’s herbs become ineffective.
(3) A round, iron 9-inch pan with a runic F on the handle. It will automatically heat anything placed therein to frying temperature (and it.s non-stick),
(4) A mechanism of gears, a projecting lever, and three broad wooden .leaves. emanating from a hub, a little like a clover but with each leaf tilted out of line with the next (like a modern electric fan, in other words). When someone turns or pedals the lever-handle, the fan pushes forth air which is magically cooled to a temperature 20 degrees lower than the surrounding environment,
(5) A carved miniature wooden chair. At a command word (carved in an ancient language on the underside of the seat), it expands to a full-size chair. Useful for travelers and some officials.
(6) This is a black, covered pitcher or cylinder with one button on it. Objects are placed in the cylinder, the button is pushed one or more times, and the lid is closed; the item then blends, smashes, and breaks up whatever is inside. However, if anything harder than food or similarly soft materials is blended, the item will probably permanently cease to function. Chunks of ice are about the hardest usable material, and only if they are in a supporting liquid. The number of times the button is pushed determines how long the smashing goes on.


Hubris joined the Black Eagle Barony and started his association with Thaddigren Denata. When he learned of Thaddigren’s plan of the Dread Night his lust for power got the best of him. Joining the Sons of Night may have extended his life but not by much. He was captured by the Black Pearl Group and executed for his crimes along with Thaddigren and Mr. Jingles.

Hubris Orchid

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