Mr. Jingles

Gnome Jewler in Busselton, morally deprived and unethical


Name: Mr. Jingles, Race: Gnome, Height: 2’5" Weight: 72 lbs., Class: None 0 level, AC – 10, Hit Points – 5

Mr. Jingles was a pawn of the Sons of Night but he played a pivotal role in the bringing of the Dread Night. His lust for rare gems has been his undoing. First he was responsible for sending a party of adventurers to recover the infamous Black Pearl. That recovery set into motion the curse that brought on the fated Dread Night. The Dread Night brought death to those people of nobility throughout the lands. Hubris Orchid & Thaddigren Denata were the two mages that contracted poor Mr. Jingles to recover the pearl. Additionally, Mr. Jingles was responsible for another group of adventurers demise when he hired the Silver Stein to recover the Gulgythra’s stomach. With this stomach Mr. Jingles believed he would be able to manufacture his own gems. The Silver Stein contracted a terrible disease while down in the sewers of Busselton. This disease disseminated the group. Recently Mr. Jingles paid for his greed for gems with his life. He was hanged at a public execution in Busselton along with Hubris & Thaddigren.

Mr. Jingles

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