Thaddigren Denata


The Mage, Thaddigren Denata, 6th level, Alignment Chaotic Evil, HP – 19, AC – 12, (Str – 9, Int -17, Wis – 12, Dex – 13, Con – 9, Chr – 10) Spells – (6,4,3), +1 dagger 100 xp, Wand of Paralyzation 3 charges 3,500 xp, Amulet – Protection from Charm 30% 1,000 xp, Traveling Spellbook (1) Burning Hands, Charm Person, Detect Magic, Feather Fall, Light, Magic Missile, Message, Read Magic, Shield, Sleep, (2) Continual Darkness, Continual Light, Invisibility, Knock, Mirror Image x 2, (3) Darkening Bolt, Flame Arrow, Fly, Fireball, Phantasmal Force, Protection from normal missiles, Exp. Value – 750


Thaddigren with the help of others from the Black Eagle Barony orchestrated the Dread Night. Safe, so he thought in his tower near Sisak was to be the first vanguard to an invasion from the Black Eagle Barony. It was thought that Black Marsh devoid of its principle protection would then be an easy mark. After his tower was sacked he joined up with Hubris to exact his revenge. Thaddigren unfortunately was captured by the Black Pearl group and executed for his crimes.

Thaddigren Denata

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